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In Our Community

Williams Brothers trucks and uniforms can be seen working in communities throughout the Valley every day. You’ll also see us going out of our way just making people smile or sparking the imagination of kids.

Over the past several years Williams Brothers has partnered with the City of Waynesboro for their Arbor Day event with elementary students from Westwood Hills. They marvel over the climbing gear, big saws, and sling shots while learning a thing or two about trees. This is a day we look forward to because you never know what kind of tree climbing stories are going to be swapped by one of the kids- we’ve heard some tall tales!

As Christmas draws closer every year, we begin fielding questions about what our plans are for the Celebration of Lights in Gypsy Hill Park. Each year, we try to create a festive scene in hay bales. It just seems to get bigger and bigger every year. Customers, friends, and complete strangers are always quick to stop and watch, offer compliments, and just smile when they see the spectacle of hay and lights. We also participate in several holiday parades, chucking candy and spreading good cheer.

Williams Brothers also makes charitable donations to support a variety of groups and events. Some of them include: