When you call in for an estimate you will be greeted by our Office Manager, Brandy, or one of our other office staff. She will collect a bit of information from you – Your name, address, telephone number, and how we may assist you. She will then direct your call to the appropriate professional. Typically, Joseph handles tree work; Chapman, lawn and turf issues; and Stephanie, landscape installations and the like.

Your call will be returned by that individual in a day or two to collect additional information and schedule a visit. During the site visit, an attentive ear will be lent to your concerns and goals. An itemized proposal addressing these items will either be left with you or an alternative arrangement for delivery will be made such as email.

An estimate can be accepted in part, in total, or not at all, at your discretion. If a project comes in over your budget, talk with the professional about ways to divide the project to meet your budget and still maintain your long-term goals.

Once an estimate has been accepted, the work will be added to our schedule. Backlog and weather play a key role in determining how quickly we can get to and complete your project. We do try to work with clients if a certain timeframe is desired or required.

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